Non Owner Insurance and an SR22

You can still obtain an SR22 filing with your insurance if you do not own a car.  You will need a non-owner policy.  To obtain this type of quote you cannot have a car in your household carthat is readily available to you, nor one that is titled in your name.  Other restrictions may apply.


How to get a quote?


New Auto Insurance Discounts in Iowa

Did you know that there are many discounts available for auto insurance in Iowa?

Discounts are available for:

  • own homes and/or multiple cars                            iowa-insurance
  • have multiple policies with the same carrier
  • pay their premium in full at inception
  • choose to go paperless
  • choose comprehensive and collision coverage
  • have young drivers in the household

Our team is ready to help Iowans with their insurance needs.   We shop different companies to help you find both a great price and the coverage that you want.


sr22 insurance quote

Auto Insurance with SR22 – even in a different state

DUIs and Auto Insurance

Whether you need an SR22 filing because you received a ticket without insurance or because of a #DUI, Stratum Insurance Agency can shop your insurance for you to help find a great rate and the coverages that you want.

You do not need to settle and cut coverage just because you have a #DWI or DUI. Get a quote at today and experience the Stratum difference – top notch service and knowledgeable professionals here to help you.

Out of State SR22

If you live in one state but need an SR22 in another state, we can help. Perhaps your were driving through another state and received a ticket for not having insurance or a DUI.  By working with Stratum Insurance Agency, we can help with your SR22 filing in almost every state.  In fact, when you join our family of customers, we can help you as you move around the country. Find out more when you click the link below to request a quote.


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Out of State SR22 Filings – Available across the US

Out of State SR22 Filings —   What if I need to file an SR22 in another state where I do not live?

Stratum Insurance Agency LLC can help with insurance is almost every state, which means that we can file SR22s in most states (they are not required in all states).  Our personal insurance team is ready to help you in tough times and to build a long-term relationship to help you in the future.


Learn more about out of state SR22 filing situations here.

Whatever your situation may be, we can work with you to help you find the type of coverage you need, whether for a car, motorcycle, boat, or other form of transportation.

Most quotes are available quickly and one of our team members can review your situation with you by phone or email – we are just a call or click away.

Request a Quote (in 48 states):


  • By Phone:  All States (main number):    (949) 270-0609California:    (949) 270-0609 .
  • Nevada:       (702) 989-8998
  • Arizona:       (623) 691-7900
  • Ohio:           (330) 408-1111
  • Florida:        (352) 404-4445

Oklahoma sr22 and Auto Insurance – new options available

New options have been added for Oklahoma drivers in need of auto insurance with an SR22 filing. Stratum Insurance Agency LLC can help compare the rates of even more carriers, which aides drivers in finding more options for coverage and payments plans. Let the friendly and efficient team at Stratum help with your auto and homeowners insurance needs. Renters policies are available too.

Online quote requests are available at

SR22 Insurance without a Car, Non-owner Auto Insurance

SR22 Insurance Filings People without a car

Don’t Own a Car and need an SR22? Auto Insurance for drivers with no car and a DUI or DWI.

If you do not own a car but find yourself still needing an SR22 insurance filing or FR44 insurance filing, our team can help you find a non-owner insurance policy.

A non-owner SR22 or FR44 insurance policy is designed for people who do not own a car, have a car titled in their name, nor have a car available for regular use. Our team has helped many drivers who do not own a car to obtain insurance with an SR22 filing.

A non-owner insurance policy may go by different names, depending on the location and the carrier.

  • broad form non-owner policy
  • non-owner insurance policy
  • named non-owner policy

Drivers who find themselves in a situation where they do not own a car but need an SR22 filing in another state due to receiving a DUI, DUI, or OUI in another state can request an out-of-state filing when requesting a quote.

Let a leading insurance agency that specializes in DUI and DWI Auto Insurance with SR22s and FR44s help you find new insurance.

How to request a quote from the auto insurance team:
  • Online:
  • By Phone: 949-270-0609   (Main Number)
  • By Phone: 352-404-4445 (East Coast)

In what states are quotes available for auto insurance?

Alabama, Alaska*, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois,  Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana*, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin. and Wyoming.


Wyoming Auto Insurance – Clean Records, SR22s, DUIs, Points, Accidents

Wyoming Auto Insurance – Clean Records, SR22s, DUIs, Points, Accidents

We can try to help even if you have: – a DUI – multiple points – a suspended license – or an international drivers license. SR22 filings are available. Our friendly team is happy to assist you with your insurance needs.

By working with many insurance carriers, we can compare rates of many companies at once. As about combingin your auto & home insurance or auto & renters insurance for a discount.

Discounts are available for prior coverage, homeownership, advanced purchases, education level and more. Are you also interested in other types of insurance? Let us know, we are happy to help.

Non-owner policies are also available.

You can call us directly at 949-270-0609 or fill out our form online at:

Wyoming AUTO INSURANCE with a DUI:

We can also help with, RVs, Motorcycles, Dune Buggy, Business Insurance and more!

Stratum Insurance Agency LLC for Auto Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, Cycle Insurance, Boat Insurance, Auto Insurance and more in over 40 states. announes E-signatures for FR44 Insurance and SR22 Insurance DWI and DUI

FR44 Insurance Quotes and SR22 Insurance Quotes are available quickly and easily by submitting a request at or by calling 352-404-4445 (Florida) or 949-270-0609 (all other states).

Electronic signatures are already available from Stratum Insurance Agency LLC, an agency here to help drivers needing SR22 and FR44 Filings, but we have new features in 2012 now available. This great service is available in most states around the country. Completing the process quickly through new technology is just another way that Stratum Insurance Agency LLC is leading the way as a modern insurance agency. Clients can access their electronic signature forms via a mobile device such as an iPad or Android tablet as well. Florida and Virginia Drivers needing FR44s can now complete and insurance purchase without printing and faxing — helping to reduce paper consumption too.

Information on Florida and Virginia FR44 Filings and SR22 Filings

Insurance with an FR44 or SR22 is something that is general required for drivers with a:

  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI) ,
  • Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), or
  • Operating Vehicle While Intoxicated (OVWI).

In some other cases, either an FR44 may be required. An FR44 in Florida or an FR44 in Virginia is generally required of drivers who have these violations in those states. Fortunately, we can help clients whether or not you live in these states. If you receive one of these violations in any of 35 states, we can help with your SR22 filings and FR44 Filings.

In other states, and SR22 filing is generally required of drivers with a DUI or similar violations, or in some cases, a ticket for driving without insurance.

What makes us different? We are an insurance agency! As an independent insurance agency, we work with many top-rated insurance carriers to help you find a great combination of price and coverage for your needs. We are an agency that works for you and does NOT sell your information to other agents, like so many websites do. We are Stratum Insurance Agency LLC, and our team wants to help you find great insurance at a great price.

What is an FR44?

This is a common question. Use our informative link to find out more about FR44 Filings and SR22 Filings.

Use our resources section to learn more about insurance in general:

Request a quote:

Useful Insurance Links for SR22 Filings, FR44 Filings, and auto insurance:

The terms “sr22 insurance” and “fr44 insurance”, much like “dui insurance”, are used by the general public, but are not official types of insurance. Our agency helps with auto insurance for people who have a DUI or DWI on their records, as well as adding an SR22 or FR44 Filing to the insurance policy. When you contact us, we can help explain in better detail what these terms mean.

New Oregon Auto Insurance and Oregon Renters Insurance Discount Option

New Oregon Auto Insurance and Oregon Renters Insurance Discount Option

Stratum Insurance Agency LLC is excited to announce the addition of another carrier to its offerings in Oregon. This new carrier offers both Oregon auto insurance and Oregon renters insurance, providing a discount when you purchase both policies.  The discount makes it easier for drivers who rent to get the valuable protection that they need.

Both drivers with clean records and drivers with tickets, accidents, or DUIs can qualify for the discount.

Of course, Stratum Insurance Agency LLC is already known around the country for being able to help clients find a great balance of price and coverage in many states, but this new addition comes as great news to customers who previously were not able to qualify for an Oregon renters insurance and Oregon auto insurance discount due to multiple tickets, accidents, or other items on their driving records. Stand alone renters insurance is also available.

Stratum Insurance Agency LLC works hard to find the right insurance carriers to assist their customers with their insurance needs.  Serving both individuals and businesses, the agency works with multiple insurance carriers so that when you request a quote, it’s like calling many companies all at the same time.  A member of the team can provide you with quotes from multiple companies.

Both renters and auto insurance quotes are available in over 40 states.

Request a Quote:

Disclaimer: Coverages and options vary by policy and location. The information provided here is very general and this article is in no way meant to serve as a recommendation, reference material, or offer of coverage. The reader of this article agrees to hold the author harmless and release him, his agency and/or brokerage from any liability arising from insurance coverage decisions chosen by the reader. No coverage is offered or afforded by this article.

South Dakota Auto Insurance, S22 Filings, DUI, Renters Insurance, Condo Insurance

Stratum Insurance Agency LLC expands to selling insurance in South Dakota – including DUI Auto insurance and SR22 filings.

For immediate release – Stratum Insurance Agency LLC is now selling insurance in South Dakota. Along with selling commercial auto insurance, general liability insurance and E & O insurance for businesses, the agency is also selling a broad array of personal insurance, including auto, home, motorcycle, boat, and snowmobile insurance. Even if you have a South Dakota DUI, tickets, accidents, or other items on your driving record, contact us for a quote. SR22 filings can be made in over 30 states.

Stratum Insurance Agency LLC is the team to help you with SR22 Insurance Filings or FR44 Filings. Request a quote online with a link below or by phone.

By Phone:

  • 949-270-0609 (all states)
  • 352-404-4445 (east coast)

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